Our Responsiblity


Our Responsiblity

Sunrice recognizes that its activity,has an impact on the planet. We are therefore committed to maximizing the economic and social benefits of our business activities – for example through our policy for farmers – and minimizing the environmental effects wherever we can.

The worldwide rice market is facing particular challenges at the moment. For our part, we are committed to playing a full part in managing those issues and continuing to supply our customers with products of immaculate quality and good value.
In the context of rising commodity prices we recognize there is an important balance to be struck between the consumer awareness, corporate success and the livelihoods of rice farmers.

Environmental Sustainability

At Sunrice, we share a strong commitment to protecting our environment and minimizing impacts across the business.


We believe that everything should be utilized.


We recover and collect all our recyclable waste (i.e. paper, plastic, cardboard and cans) generated on site for our professional partners to recycle it.


Where facilities exist, some of our packaging can be recycled, but not all can be recycled yet. The nature of our product requires that it reach consumers just as it left the mill, clean from any kind of contaminants. This limits the packaging available to us, but we are committed to minimizing land fill waste and investigating greener alternatives with our supply partners wherever possible.

Our Core Strength

We believe in creating an environment in which everyone feels valued and where talents are being fully utilised.
We acknowledge that all our people have a unique contribution to bring in terms of their background, gender, ethnic origin, age, political belief or any disability. This applies to everybody including job applicants, customers and suppliers and we will not discriminate on any grounds.

Training & Development

Our people are the most valuable asset and we have established a comprehensive process of personal development to give everyone who works here the opportunity to reach their potential and progress within the company. Sunrice is committed to enabling everyone to learn and develop in his or her role.


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