At ‘Sunrice’ procurement of paddy (rice) is one of the most important and complex process, we procure our paddy primarily from the river basins of Ravi and Chenab, in the rice-rich plains of the State of Punjab in Pakistan, to ensure the unique aroma and special taste that makes our rice the most favored in the world.

The process of rice production seems deceptively simple but it is actually a highly-detailed and complicated process. Today, more consumers are discerning on the type of rice they wish to consume, contributing to the demand of higher quality rice. Therefore, we have to ensure that the rice that reaches our consumers is of the best quality and desirable to them.
We have our procurements centers in different areas of Punjab, where only top quality paddy(rice) is selected. We ensure this through quality control measures that are put in place. The paddy which does not meet our quality standards is rejected by procurement team and not allowed into the storage area.

One of the most important step in procuring the best quality paddy(rice) is to determine the moisture content as excessive moisture can damage processed rice grains if not removed within 24 hours. We need to reduce the moisture count to at least 12 percent. Failure to do so attract a type of insect that likes to perforate the grains to suck out the moisture.There are also insects that like to burrow into grains with highly moisture count and subsequently affecting the rice quality.

The process to determine moisture count is repeated for five times using different analysis samples. The staff working on the rice samples uses gloves, during the entire process of analysis as they are prohibited from touching the rice grains. This is because the hands can release moisture and contaminate the samples. All the samples are then mixed and placed in one kilogram containers. The samples are then analyzed to determine the composition and quality of the rice bought by us. The samples are further subjected to few more detailed and complicated processes before results are weighed and recorded.

This process not only helps us in procuring top quality rice, but also ensures that no error is made in the entire process. The selected paddy is then shifted to our milling facilities, where we process world’s finest rice.


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