At Sunrice, we take pride in providing the worlds finest rice. This milestone is achieved by making sure that the milling of the rice is done in the best possible way. There are different stages through which our rice passes before its packed and supplied to our customers.

Keeping the modernized technology, Sunrice has firmed believe in the latest technology and manners in order to ensure the finest and standardized quality of rice. We have modern and latest rice processing plant. The plant possesses numerous new technological advancements made in the field of rice milling and processing the plant comprises state-of-the-art plant equipped from renowned Buhler Germany.

With the dynamic performance of these machines during rice processing damaged, discolored and chalky rice are remove effectively and achieving the crystal clear uniform rice quality. The performance of our machines has proved tremendous results and quality in the world.


PADDY PROCUREMENTThe quest to market best basmati begins with seed selection. We believe that one needs the best quality of raw material to produce the best quality product. Keeping this idea in mind finest quality of paddy is purchased from the best Basmati growers of the Basmati producing beat. The area selected for most of the purchase is a 25km radius keeping Kamoke as the center. Price is not a constraint where quality matters. Farmers are directly contacted to ensure that we receive the highest quality of paddy.

Comprehensive inspection & testing precede purchase of paddy lots. Random samples are drawn from paddy and tests are performed after processing in mini mill to confirm yield, grain length, field admixture and cooking characteristics. Every lot has to meet stringent quality parameters before selection for processing.

Every single bag purchased is checked in laboratory to maintain highest standards of procurement.


PADDY DRYINGDrying of paddy is an art. The maturity of Rice directly effects the cooking of Rice. Once cleared from the laboratory, paddy is then received on specially designed raised platforms for sun drying. Paddy is also dried through latest steam dryer technology.

The moist paddy is fed into the steam column dryers controlled by heat exchangers. The moisture of the paddy is controlled through a smooth and constant supply of hot air blowing in the chambers of the steam drying columns that brings the moister down from 24 percent to 12 percent. The paddy is then sent to godowns for a minimum of 72 hours tempering process.


STEAM RICEProduction of steamed rice is a very delicate and technical process. We make sure that we achieve the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene while carrying out this process. Our experienced team constantly monitors that the highest standards are being maintained for the interest of our customers' benefit.


HUSKING PROCESSThe dried paddy is fed into the elevating columns and pre-cleaned to make sure that the paddy is free from any foreign materials like straws, mud balls, threads and stones. The cleaned paddy is then fed to the fully automatic pneumatically controlled huskers installed to ensure that delicate rice grains do not develop cracks and broken tips during husking. The husked brown rice then undergoes paddy separating, de-husking, de-stoning, polishing and grading processes.


WHITENING and POLISHINGThe layer of Bran is removed through polishing process to achieve the pearl white look. This process is carried out through several passes to save the grain from breakage, depending upon the requirement of whiteness.

The mist polishers installed at KMRM imparts an extremely clean and glossy appearance to the grains, which is a distinguished advantage over traditional milling methods.


GRADINGRice is graded at different stages on the basis of length and thickness. The shriveled, under-milled and broken grains are separated from the whole grain to achieve optimum and uniform grain length. This process is carried through length grading cylinders installed at three different stages.


COLOR SORTINGColor sorting is a computer-controlled process where CCD technology is used for high-resolution optical inspection of each and every grain of rice. It removes the high concentration of predominantly chalky and dis-coloured grains from the healthy ones.

KMRM's new Buhler color sorter machine is equipped with 320 channels and state of the art cameras, which can detect the subtlest colors and defects even smaller than 0.3mm. This machine is equipped with automatic calibration mechanism. Hence producing the final product with each grain having uniformity in all respects.


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